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Over the years, the EBAMP partnership have undertaken a number of different pilgrimages - day and evening trips, weekend events, and trips to the Holy Land.


Local evening pilgrimages have taken us to St. Albans Abbey to learn about the history of that wonderful historic site and to Guy Chester House to see the exhibition of the Methodist Collection of Modern Art.


There have been a number of joint visits to Walsingham the first visit in April 2009, members of the congregation at St Mary’s and Brookside Methodist Church took part in a 3 day pilgrimage and reflected on their experience of the Methodist, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions they experienced there together.


Earlier in 2009 we made a joint pilgrimage to Wesley's Chapel and St Paul's Cathedral in London.  This was an excellent opportunity for both our congregations to take the opportunity to learn more about our different spiritual traditions and prayer and worship together. Wesley’s Chapel continues to be an important place in world Methodism, and houses the Museum of Methodism and both John and Charles Wesley were regular attenders at St Paul’s Cathedral, so we dutifully followed in their footsteps and took our place in quire for Evensong at the Cathedral …..


Walsingham 2010

Outside Wesley's Chapel

And later at St. Paul's