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WESLEY HALL – Hiring rooms

A number of rooms are available for hire (see below) including kitchen facilities.  The main hall has a raised platform – ideal for large meetings – and is marked out as a full size badminton court with excellent lighting.  A separate gallery overlooks the main hall area (but has a limited view of the platform).  Smaller rooms are available to meetings of all sizes. 

The rooms are available for hire during weekdays and Saturday mornings.  The hall is closed on Sundays, public holidays and during August.  The hall is not available for one-off social occasions such as parties, discos or receptions.  Alcohol may not be consumed on the premises.

Room Description Charges per hour
Downstairs Rooms
Main Hall Size 49' x 29' plus platform 26' x 10'
Seating Capacity: 200
Sprung wooden floor marked as badminton court
PA and Loop System.

available from the administrator

Wyburn Room Size 21' x 17'
Seating Capacity: 30.

available from the administrator

Kitchen Size 18' x 9'
Serving hatch to main hall and short walk along corridor to other downstairs rooms.
Hot water urn, gas cooker, refrigerator, double sinks
heating trolley, other usual facilities
Cups, saucers and small plates are provided free with kitchen.  Additional cutlery and crockery available for up to 150 persons (at extra charge).  You are expected to wash, dry and put away all crockery used.
Upstairs Rooms
Gallery Size 24' x 17'
Seating capacity: 40
This gallery overlooks the main hall but is separated from it by a glass screen and curtains.  It can be booked in conjunction with the main hall or as a separate room
available from the administrator
Upper Hall Size 29' x 21'
Seating capacity: 60
available from the administrator
Epworth Room Size 18' x 18'
Seating capacity: 30
available from the administrator
Tea Bar Size 5' x 9'
For preparing tea and coffee.  Urn, refrigerator, crockery provided

Note:  all sizes are actual room sizes; some of the available areas are reduced by cupboards and/or a piano.  The seating capacity is approximate and takes account of the furniture.
A stairlift is available but when in use the total numbers allowed upstairs are limited to 60.

For further information or a booking form please contact the church office on 020 8447 1847 or email by clicking this link