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Worship Services

Sunday Services

Currently we are meeting as a virtual church along with our friends from Manor Drive - the service is at 11am. 


Celebration at Wesley Hall, High Barnet
(Informal worship often planned and led by lay people.)

10:45 Morning Service @ Brookside, East Barnet
(with Junior Church)

(For details/changes regarding acts of worship each week please check the details on the notice sheet - especially for the few occasions each year that we meet as a partnership at St. Mary's when services start @ 10:00)

Every week in our Sunday morning services names are included in our spoken prayers and listed in our weekly notices so that congregation members can continue to pray for those named during the week.  If you would like a name included in our prayer list please contact the minister by clicking this link


Midweek Worship Services

Weekly - Thursdays - 10:45 - Holy Communion Service @ Brookside  (Currently meeting virtually @ 11am)

1st Tuesday - 20:00 - Informal Worship via Zoom